How to have an excellent weekend away

The weekend away! The unsung hero of the holiday family. Short enough to be spontaneous and affordable whilst long enough to get yourselves into the kind of high jinks that the Famous Five* would be proud of!

*if the Famous Five had been less into exploring smugglers coves and more into pounding rose like it might run out in a pub that resembles your local in all ways except that its 100 miles away from it…

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How to look after yourself

It was a pretty typical Sunday morning when my phone rang.

Typical here meaning that I was hungover, hungry yet aware I had only a pomegranate and some gin in the fridge and in a spiral of shame because I’d been on a tinder date the night before and fallen asleep at the table.

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Ladies and gentlemen this is a momentous moment in my life.

This weekend I officially entered my….gulp…late twenties.

I’m not entirely sure how or when this happened. I still feel a lot like I did when I was 22 apart from the fact that it’s become less and less easy to shrug off the fact that actually I’m hurtling towards middle age at break neck speed and will at some point have to you know like umm grow up and stuff HAHAAHAHAHAH (manic laugh).

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How to not give a fuck

I’ll let you into a little secret. I care A LOT about what people think.

‘How is this possible?’ I hear you cry ‘Last time we went for drinks you snogged the bartender and danced to the hits of Chicago on the bar. You quite clearly don’t care what anyone thinks.’

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t give two flying fucks if someone thinks that I am weird/not cool/borderline mentally unstable.

Where I fall down in the nonchalance stakes is that I have a terrible affliction. I am…. Drum roll…a people pleaser.

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