How to get dressed in Summer

There’s a few things I’d like to get straight before embarking on this article.

Firstly, Summer is a bloody magical time. Everything seems better when you cast a hazy dappley sunshine glow over it. You can even find yourself sitting in a questionable park in Soho exclaiming ‘gosh isn’t London so BEAUTIFUL’ despite the fact that you are sitting about 10 metres from a heroin addict shooting up directly into their feet.*

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How to enjoy yourself for free in January

Let’s all agree on something right now. January is the worst month of the year.

Coming from someone who LOVES new years eve more than anything (see my sermon on why NYE gets an unfairly bad rep here) January feels like a long slogging hangover of shiteness. Kylie Jenner may have thought 2016 was all about ‘realising stuff’ (so deep babes) but I believe that is January’s role each and every year.

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How to Christmas Shop when you are a big mess

Let’s face it, nothing strikes fear into our hearts quite like the thought of Christmas shopping.

Every single year I promise myself that I will start in November, October even, really get a good head start. I have elaborate day dreams in which my presents will be wrapped at the foot of my bed by the 10th December whilst I smugly attend parties, drink mulled wine and say things like ‘Stressful? Oh one just needs to be organised that’s all – another mini gruyere tartlet? Don’t mind if I do’.

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How to fix your gross feet

Ok I’m just going to come right out and say it. I have bloody horrible feet.

There you go. It’s out there.

It’s sad but true. A combination of not being overly keen on shoes, being the kind of heinous human who would rather wear no socks than wash her socks and a half marathon I did back in Feb that caused of my toenails to drop off (yeah you heard me) mean that my trotters are about as appealing as snogging Donald Trump. I.e. they’re rank.

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How to dress for a Summer Wedding

I love Summer in London. There is literally no better excuse to wear something outlandish (hello lace midi dress from charity shop that you can see my nerps through – I shall wear YOU to the pub), drink incessantly (a sunny day without Pimms is a waste of said sunny day) and picnics a plenty (another excuse to crack out the Pimms…there’s a theme here I can’t deny it).

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