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How to fall in love in London

A modern love story.

Once upon a time, in a far away yet still kind of unaffordable borough of London lived a young lady (lol questionable but I’ll continue) who was swept off her feet by a handsome gentleman with no commitment issues who owned a nice flat and had a stable job and they –

Sorry I couldn’t continue because I was laughing so much that I choked on the reduced aisle muffin I bought which is strangely dry.

Here’s the real story:

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How to date like a Love Islander

My love life as of recently has been even more dire than usual.

I know…I mean… I also thought we’d hit rock bottom people but APPARENTLY NOT.

With the online dating world full of freaks and IRL men proving to be disingenuous dickheads my current mood is basically this:

images (6).jpg

So, it’s kind of strange that my new obsession of the moment is a show in which the end game is to fall madly in love (and win loads of cash – this at the very least I can get on board with.) Yeah you guessed it, it’s Love Island.

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How to translate online dating chat

Ah the world of dating. It can be indecipherable at the best of times.

Take the time when I went on a date with someone I had met in real life only to discover it wasn’t a date but infact a weird business meeting in which he took me to a glorified pret a manger and then got his laptop out to show me his excel spreadsheet.

Which would have been fine except for the fact that I was wearing heels and a fur coat like a 20th century prostitute and had brought nothing with me at all.

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How to be alluring

If you’ve read even one of the posts on this blog you’ll be well aware of the peaks and (mainly) troughs of my dating life i.e. the guy that pinched my nipple without invitation on a posh street in Islington or the time i brought home the most beautiful man in the world and then behaved like a lunatic or the time I was an even bigger lunatic… yeah there’s been more troughs than peaks let’s just say that.

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