How to believe in Love

It’s 10pm in a pub in Angel. The floor is sticky, the windows are fogged up. Its 10 days til Christmas and the place is packed out with twenty somethings looking to rub up against each other in the name of not going home alone.

I, on the other hand, am three (bottles of) wines deep and in a well of self-pity. I am 24, totally batshit-bonkers-in-love and the object of my affection, my boyfriend, is ignoring my messages. Savage.

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How to spot a Fuck Boy

If you’re anything like me, dating is no hand-in-hand-cutesy-let’s-feed-the-ducks-oh-lol-you-hit-one-what-are-you-like-walk-in-the-park. Far from that classic rom-com scene, dating in London usually goes one of two ways: Intense courtship with proclamations of undying affection and a burning desire to see you at all times right up until the point you decide you like them back. At this point a cooling off to rival the ice age happens and … Continue reading How to spot a Fuck Boy

How to Survive Valentines Day when you’re Single AF

Valentine’s day as a single gal can be tough. Whether you want a relationship or not there’s something intensely annoying about a day geared to make you feel like a leper if you’re not spending it sitting across the table from someone in a Bella Italia. Suddenly the entire bloody world seems to be posting proclamations of love to ‘this one’ on Instagram whilst essentially … Continue reading How to Survive Valentines Day when you’re Single AF