How to date like a Love Islander

My love life as of recently has been even more dire than usual.

I know…I mean… I also thought we’d hit rock bottom people but APPARENTLY NOT.

With the online dating world full of freaks and IRL men proving to be disingenuous dickheads my current mood is basically this:

images (6).jpg

So, it’s kind of strange that my new obsession of the moment is a show in which the end game is to fall madly in love (and win loads of cash – this at the very least I can get on board with.) Yeah you guessed it, it’s Love Island.

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How to have an excellent weekend away

The weekend away! The unsung hero of the holiday family. Short enough to be spontaneous and affordable whilst long enough to get yourselves into the kind of high jinks that the Famous Five* would be proud of!

*if the Famous Five had been less into exploring smugglers coves and more into pounding rose like it might run out in a pub that resembles your local in all ways except that its 100 miles away from it…

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