How to Survive Your Twenties

It was about this time last year that I found myself in a bit of a trough in the peaks and troughs of life.  I had been dumped twice in the space of six months, still wasn’t 100% over my horrid ex-boyfriend, had started a new job that was not at all what I was expecting and was poor as an actual mouse. In the midst of all of this I’d started to develop a feeling of unease and anxiety that seemed to be largely comprised of a lot of questions I didn’t know the answer to:

Why do I only manage to go on dates with psychopaths? Why have I only got five pounds in my bank account? Why did I drink all the wine and text my ex a nonsensical message that ended in ‘and I broke my arm!’ when I didn’t break my arm at all? When is life going to feel like it’s supposed to?

T’was a mystery.

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How to get dressed in Summer

There’s a few things I’d like to get straight before embarking on this article.

Firstly, Summer is a bloody magical time. Everything seems better when you cast a hazy dappley sunshine glow over it. You can even find yourself sitting in a questionable park in Soho exclaiming ‘gosh isn’t London so BEAUTIFUL’ despite the fact that you are sitting about 10 metres from a heroin addict shooting up directly into their feet.*

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How to translate online dating chat

Ah the world of dating. It can be indecipherable at the best of times.

Take the time when I went on a date with someone I had met in real life only to discover it wasn’t a date but infact a weird business meeting in which he took me to a glorified pret a manger and then got his laptop out to show me his excel spreadsheet.

Which would have been fine except for the fact that I was wearing heels and a fur coat like a 20th century prostitute and had brought nothing with me at all.

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