How to dress for a Summer Wedding

I love Summer in London. There is literally no better excuse to wear something outlandish (hello lace midi dress from charity shop that you can see my nerps through – I shall wear YOU to the pub), drink incessantly (a sunny day without Pimms is a waste of said sunny day) and picnics a plenty (another excuse to crack out the Pimms…there’s a theme here I can’t deny it).

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How to find yourself

This month I did something a little bit rogue. ‘What’s that?!’ I hear you say. Did you drink two bottles of wine to yourself, go out to a bar, climb up onto a speaker and then shout ‘THIS IS HUMAN RIGHTS’ at a bouncer who told you to get down?

Not this time no.

No no my friends, this time I did something really out of the ordinary. I booked myself in for a detox retreat.

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