How to flirt with strangers

I think I speak for most single girls when I say that sometimes, it’s tough out there.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s mostly brill. Having spent a long time in a relationship (albeit with a lovely lovely person) that left me feeling like I was wearing a really hot, really tight jumper in a humid jungle of PURE PANIC (ahem or ya know, something a little less dramatic than that)  I can tell you that there is nothing worse than being in a relationship for the sake of being in one. Continue reading “How to flirt with strangers”


How to beat Hangover Fear

I woke bright and breezy the other morning (full of cold and residual dregs of 2 day hangover) to the following texts to our borderline alcoholic whatsapp group from my dear friend T who recently departed for a much more fun life overseas.

‘Right who’s awake first?! I got fucked up last night and need consoling’

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